The Remembering Movement Poster

What is the silent moment between thoughts, glances, and memories? "The Remembering Movement" thinks poetically about this moment. This film depicts an experimental and poetic film triptych: "Thinking-Chant", "Gaze-Frame", and "Light-Texture" based on the poem "Since Then" by Marion Steinfellner and Mersolis Schöne.

Title: The Remembering Movement
Original Title: Die erinnernde Bewegung
Completion Date: July, 2020
Country of Origin/Filming: Austria
Film, Direction, Skript, Voice: Mersolis Schöne
Painting, Poems, Voice: Marion Steinfellner
Sound and Composition: Michael Fischer
Film Type: Video Art, Experimental, Short
Film Language: German and English
Original Format: 4K, DCP
Running Time: 8 minutes 45 seconds
Producer: Mersolis Schöne
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The Remembering Movement Laurels (International Video Poetry Festival, Fotogenia Festival, Virgin Spring Cinefest)

A film of extraordinary beauty, whose magic lies in showing, with all available film-aesthetic means, memory as movement - and this one single neuronal moment, when perception becomes memory and memory becomes perception. Every movement becomes memory, every memory becomes movement. The film is the river in which we do not enter only once, which we experience, explore always anew and always in a new way. "The Remembering Movement" flows through us as we follow its course, in the pull of the arrow of time, in the interplay of flexible horizons of rhythms of depths of field and depths of focus, linguistic, verbal, musical, pictorial.   HERBERT J. WIMMER
Love - A Memory Sculpture Poster

Moments of a memory. Abstract traces and noisy audible tissue. Fuzzy symbols of dreams pass by. Overlapping spheres of dialogues. Jumping details of resistance. Fluid moments of realignment and vibrant togetherness of clarity. The chirping of crickets, rain, and cowbell sounds grow more compressed and freeze. Somebody speaks in a fragmentized way. The former movement exists as a trace of memory now.

Title: Love - A Memory Sculpture
Original Title: Liebe - Eine Gedächtnisskulptur
Completion Date: August, 2019
Country of Origin/Filming: Austria/India
Film and Drawings: Mersolis Schöne
Sound and Composition: Katharina Klement
Film Type: Video Art, Experimental, Short
Film Language: English
Original Format: 4K, DCP
Running Time: 3 minutes 52 seconds
Producer: Mersolis Schöne
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Collaboration across disparate aesthetic contexts at the same time - blending poems, music and noise. It is stamped forever like a microscopic universe or the droplets of blobbing ink or the rain-like sprinkle of paint. Music, texts and the nearest star we reach for in the cosmos of a lost galaxy that soon appears on the page. And now? My memory is shaping my work and my work is sculpting my memory.   JAMES DELANEY
Forever Poster

As an archive in constant change, walls surround us. As on skin, traces of urban life are shown on them. Out of the corners of our eyes, scratches, nicks, shapes, letters and words are absorbed by us in passing moments. They reveal our longing for continuity, visibility and the expression of becoming. Today’s manifestations of eternity will be nothing more than tomorrow’s background for future messages: constant change and eternity at the same time - being preserved in change.

Title: Forever
Completion Date: April, 2019
Country of Origin/Filming: Austria/India
Direction: Mersolis Schöne
Film Type: Video Art, Docu, Experimental, Short
Film Language: English
Original Format: 4k, DCP
Running Time: 25 seconds
Producer: Mersolis Schöne
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Every act of reading is an act of forgetting: the experience of reading is a palimpsest, in which each text partially covers those that came before.  JAMES A. SECORD
Deternity Poster (Nietzsche)

"Hey you! Watch out! What does the deep midnight say?" "Deternity" is an experimental poetic short film exploring Friedrich Nietzsche's poem "Once More" (also called "The Drunken Song" from the book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"). By using a combination of performance and projection techniques, the film depicts a protagonist being confronted with his own psychological dilemmas in a scene dominated by alternating light and shadows.

Title: Deternity
Completion Date: May, 2018
Country of Origin: Austria
Direction: Evi Jägle and Mersolis Schöne
Film Type: Experimental, Short
Film Language: English
Original Format: Digital, 4K, Color
Screening Format: 4K, DCP
Running Time: 2 minutes 45 seconds
Producer: Mersolis Schöne
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"Deternity" establishes itself through a discomfiting "video" or "installation art" aesthetic... there is a truly delusional, psychoactive effect that forces a viewer to question the space that is being portrayed, if it is even a physical space at all... the editing and cinematography propel this experience’s visceral imagery to deliver a tense, thought-provoking, and strangely symphonic experimental feat.   OUCHY FILM AWARDS
FILM+PHILOSOPHY - You cannot think the same thoughts twice. For fresh ideas are always flowing in upon you.
Thinking Nietzsche Poster

"THINKING NIETZSCHE" is an essayistic documentary featuring interviews and performances based on Nietzsche's book "Human, All Too Human" which leads the viewer to extraordinary places of thinking. Confronted with "a supermarket of ideas", each time we read "ends with an orgasm of insight". Will his texts go on to change our lives, identities, the world?

Completion Date: February, 2018
Country of Filming: AT, CH, USA
Director: Mersolis Schöne
Assistant Director: Joel Szonn
Music: James Delaney, Friedrich Nietzsche
Film Type: Documentary
Film Language: German, English
Cast: Babette Babich, Arno Böhler, Helmut Heit...
Screening Format: 4K, DCP
Running Time: 96 minutes
Producer: Mersolis Schöne
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THINKING NIETZSCHE Laurels (Nietzsche)(Winner Eurasia International Film Festival, LIMPA, Nomination Best Documentary Feature Film)

Film is made for philosophy; it shifts or puts different light on whatever philosophy has said about appearance and reality, about actors and characters, about skepticism and dogmatism, about presence and absence.  STANLEY CAVELL
Reading through the Body Poster

What happens if a philosophical text is mirrored in the world of sign language? What happens if thoughts and signs are translated into moving pictures? This short ethnographic documentary showing how a woman who is deaf tries to comprehend and embody a text by Friedrich Nietzsche in an experimental setting.

Title: Reading Through the Body
Original Title: Körpersprache
Completion Date: May, 2016
Country of Origin: Austria
Author and Director: Mersolis Schöne
Reader and Performer: Lena Schramek
Camera, Cut, Sound Design: Christan Venosa
Assist. Director, Support: Emanuel Megersa
Production Assistant, Interviewer: Ronja Thum
Film Type: Documentary, Short
Screening Format: HD, DCP
Running Time: 7 minutes 42 seconds
Presented by: Moving Thought
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An accomplished sign language interpreter attempting the impossible becomes a mesmerising piece of performance art, in a film which reminds us that words are not necessary for a profound cinematic experience.  FILMbath FESTIVAL UK
Thinking with the Hands Poster

What role does physicality play in science? "Thinking with the Hands" is a short ethnographic documentary dedicated to the involvement of physicality in scientific knowledge production. We almost invariably picture knowledge generation as an eminently cerebral, cognitive work process where the body is all but irrelevant. In contrast, this film investigates the role played by hands in daily laboratory work routine.

Title: Thinking with the Hands
Original Title: Das denkende Tun der Hände
Completion Date: May, 2015
Country of Origin: Austria
Direction: Mersolis Schöne
Assistant Director: L. Constantin, T. Seck
Film Type: Documentary, Short
Film Language: German / English
Screening Format: 4K, DCP
Running Time: 9 minutes 28 seconds
Presented by: Moving Thought
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Without the thinking actions of the hands, an essential part of the human thinking would literally fall out of our grasp.  PIERRE SACHSE
Science and Love Poster

Bridging the gap between science and love, this film essay takes viewers on a journey of discovery through the public spaces of the University of Vienna to explore the connection between reason and emotion - between science and love. Within this philosophical experiment, contrasting images arise: a monument to rationality and a beating heart; a love letter and a technical definition of love.

Title: Science and Love
Original Title: Wissenschaft und Liebe
Completion Date: October, 2014
Country of Origin: Austria
Direction: Mersolis Schöne
Voices: Linda Erker, Jürgen Stowasser
Film Type: Philosophical Film Essay
Film Language: German / English
Screening Format: 4K, DCP
Running Time: 9 minutes 39 seconds
Presented by: Moving Thought
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Science and Love - Laurels (1st Alibag Short Film Festival, Motion Picture Film Award, Kaaryat International Film Festival of India)

Cinema transforms philosophy. In other words, cinema transforms the very notion of idea. Cinema basically consists in creating new ideas about what an idea is. To put it another way, cinema is a philosophical situation. Expressed abstractly, a philosophical situation is the relationship between terms that usually have no relationship with each other. A philosophical situation is an encounter between terms that are foreign to each other.    ALAIN BADIOU
FILM+PHILOSOPHY - Like thought, film is in motion.